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The Salem witch trials occurred over 400 years ago, resulting in the death of 20 people. Innocent people accused of witchcraft in a legendary witch hunt. Join us to explore this witch hunt and other witch hunts that are going on today in modern times. 

Together we explore this history and the current policies and circumstances that are modern part of modern witch hunts today. 

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A Little About The Salem Witch Trials

Host Kimberly Dudik introduces special guest co-host Whitefish, Montana, City Attorney Angela Jacobs. They give a broad overview of the witch trials, the position of women in Salem Puritan society, and a little exploration of modern day witch hunts.

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The Garden Of Eden Was A Witch Hunt?

Kimberly and Angela talk about this history leading up to the Salem witch trials, including the European witch hunts, dating back to the 1300s. They also examine what types of symptoms the first two alleged victims suffered, how the supernatural was blamed, and how a witch cake (don't ever eat one!) was used.

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The Accused - Two Sarahs & Tituba

Explore the beginning of the Salem Witch Hunts. Sarah Osborn, Sarah Good, and Tituba were the first three women accused of witchcraft - by two young girls, starting the Salem witch frenzy that ensued!

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Accusations Spread Like A Social Contagion

This episode Kimberly and Angela talk about what happened when Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborn were questioned, the afflicted girls who were making the accusations (along with others), and what type of court was created to judge the accusations of witchcraft.

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Trials, Spectral Evidence, Guilty Verdicts, & Hangings

On this episode, Kimberly and Angela talk about what it was like for those held in custody. They explore what evidence was allowed at the witch trials, who was put on trial, and who was ultimately killed because they were found guilty of being a witch.

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Season Finale! Witch Trials End, Innocent People Died, & Witch Hunts Continue

This episode is the Season Finale of Season 2! Join Kimberly and Angela to hear how the witch trials ended, who was pardoned and exonerated, and who apologized for their involvement with the trials.

How some current legal rights, such as the right to counsel, to confront your accusers, and to be declared innocent until proven guilty grew out of some of the injustices of the witch trials.

At long last, more current witch hunts are discussed - McCarthyism, abuses in the immigration system, the war on women, and how the 45th President flipped the gender rolls typically seen in witch hunts. What we all can do to guard against more witch hunts occurring is examined. 

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